The Doughboy started by chance on Caroline Street in 1995 at Esperanto in Saratoga Springs, NY. We combined well-known ingredients in a very different way. Millions were sold, and the demand has never stopped growing. The Doughboy has evolved into…an Oboy Experience!

The Oboy is a delicious grab & go food. While complex in taste and texture it’s also a masterpiece of simplicity: Pizza dough wrapped around a savory chicken and cheese filling. It’s a great, satisfying pick-up snack or a quick meal for on the go.

4th of July Oboy Eating Contest

The Oboy fandom is so passionate about Oboys that they turn out each 4th of July for an Oboy Eating Contest at the Firecracker4 road race in Saratoga Springs, NY!

Oboy Contest contestants
Oboy Contest winner #2
Oboy Contest
Oboy contest winner

Oboy Fan Photos

Oboy Proposal
Oboy wedding
Oboys on the deck
Oboys in the car
Oboys in the stroller
Oboy eating time
Wedding Oboy
Wedding Party with Oboys

For the Love of Oboys

Doughboys are AMAZING! The End.
Shaun K.

The most delicious thing I ever tasted, I literally collapsed.
Kimberly L.

I found the doughboy case and said goodbye to vegetarianism and I'm not even mad about it.
Kelly L.

The perfect evening; some dancing, some doughboys, and some fun with friends.
Michael C.