Features and Benefits to Operators/Customers

  • Product often surprises customers with unique flavors and textures
  • It’s a new “experience” which often generates word-of-mouth advertising
  • Easy “Heat and Hold” – Product is par baked, all ingredients are fully cooked, holds at temperature for 3-4 hours, minimizing waste
  • Heating and display requires minimal skill and labor. A simple hot display is all that is needed.
  • Cost effectice; low price point, no additional condiments needed, although hot sauce is an amazing compliment
  • Great add on & impulse item; can be group packaged with other items for a high margin total sale
  • Small case pack (in units and dimensions), easy for end user, low case cost and easy storage
  • Hand-held, on-the-go food products are on trend
  • Targeted brand support through social media channels


  • Strong product recognition; sampling quickly creates new “Product Ambassadors”
  • Striking hot display graphics available

Our Commitment

  • To exceed your expectations for product quality and customer service
  • To provide you with consistently great products
  • To support your markeitng and sales efforts with sampling opportunities and targeted advertising
  • To mobilize existing “fans” of the product in your local area

Your Commitment

  • To properly handle our products from delivery through sale
  • To adhere to local health codes in the delivery of a safe food product to your customers
  • To work together, enabling us to build business together

Where can I find Oboys?

  • Esperanto
  • Saratoga Performing Arts Center (Live Nation Events, Saratoga Springs, NY)